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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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this is one of several water main breaks right now in the bay area. ahead -- the reason why this is all happening. something different begins this weekend for san francisco parking enforcement. hear why merchants are angry. and less money in your paycheck. the reason why -- at noon. ?o?ooooóññ
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a major water main break impacts traffic near two major freeways. this is one of several problems like this in the bay area right now. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. hundreds of people in hayward are without running water after a large water main break overnight near jackson and the 880 and highway 92 freeways. alex savidge was the first reporter on the scene at 4:30.
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he's live to tell us why our cold water may be having a problem. >> reporter: good afternoon. the hayward director of public works says a combination of frigid temperatures and soggy soil from recent rain is likely what caused this underground water pipe to shift and break. repair work is going on right now. i was just told by a worker they getting set to turn back on the water. businesses in the area have had to get by with no running water. water started to pour flooding the intersection of jackson and slay streets in hayward. it took city crews four hours to shut off the water. hayward's director of public works says recent rain an cold temperatures may have contributed to this mess.
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>> the the soil has satch waited. with the cold, there is -- sas saturated and with the cold, that causes old mains to break sometimes. we've had several breaks all over town that are small. this is the biggest one we've had. >> reporter: crews spent the morning digging down and vacuuming out water to get a closer look at the damage. workers have will have to replace the section of cement pipe that burst. and no running water is making it tough for restaurants to prepare food. it was frustrating for frank anderson who dropped by looking for a burger. >> it's all right. i will go some place else. >> reporter: one of the pipes involved is a cast iron lane from 1927. the city was already looking at an upgrade before this
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happened. >> this is one pipe on schedule for us to replace in the next two years. so now it's broken. >> reporter: does the schedule get moved up? >> yes, it will. >> reporter: while in area may have water service restored any minute, it may take a while to get the roadway patched up and. what they are doing is replay -- pitched up and what -- patched up and what any are doing is repairing and they hope to have the road open for this afternoon's commute. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. there's word of other water main breaks. east bay m.u.d. said a 6-inch pipe started to leak at 6th and berkeley. they expect that to beicks fixed -- they expect that to be fixed at 1:00 p.m.
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and water workers had no estimate how long it would take to repair another main break, this one in oakland at westview drive and vicente place. meanwhile, repair crews in concord worked all night to fix the fourth water main break on mount de's blob road. officials say no -- mt. diablo road and finished repairing that break about an hour ago. a freeze warning was in effect for the north bay valleys. the bank thermometer read a chilly 29. residents bundled up as they headed out the door. >> we buy some coffee. >> reporter: pretty cold? >> yeah. >> i got sweater and -- i got my jacket -- >> reporter: four. >> four layers. >> reporter: now layers? >> yes. >> other chilly spots were santa rosa, napa, livermore, redwood city and morgan hill. steve is coming up in a bit to
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let us know when we'll see a warmup. the house may have approved a senate deal to avoid the fiscal cliff for now, but more debates are expected in the coming weeks. the deal passed last night would raise taxes on households making more than $450,000 or more a year and individuals making $400,000 or more. but congress pushed off deep government spending cuts for two months and the country is hitting the debt ceiling. >> three set up three more fiscal cliffs. we are gonna look back on this night and regret it. >> president obama rejoined his family in hawaii this morning. the white house had no immediate details when the president will receive and sign the bill. well, stocks are sharply higher due to the fiscal cliff deal but some market watchers are cautioning that the euphoria could be short-lived because of the many challenging issues that remain unresolved. the dow is slightly off, but
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remaining up more than 200 points. it's up now 235 at 13,339. well, despite the fiscal cliff deal, everyone's paycheck will still be at least a little bit smaller this year. ktvu's janine de la vega is in los gatos to explain about the end of the payroll tax holiday. >> reporter: good afternoon. this tax cut has expired and it will affect every wage earner. most people that we spoke to this morning had no idea that it would affect their paychecks this year. now, here's what workers need to know -- the -- the past two years, americans were enjoying a boost in their paycheck. they lowered the social security tax to 4.2%. that measure was put in place in 2010 to help boost the economy. now the payroll tax is going back up to 6.2% which means less money in your paycheck. we spoke to a consumer psychologist who said it will likely cause people to spend
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less. >> when people get less money, a reduction in the amount of money they have to spend, they sort of react in a major kind of panic and stop spending or are in denial. one of the two. >> it will be okay. i just have to save a little here and save here, don't spend here. >> reporter: here's a breakdown -- the average family making $50,000 a year will see their paychecks decrease by $1,000 a year. the average family making $75,000 a year will see a drop of $1500 year a year and the average family making $100,000 will see $2,000 less annually. this was not a talk in the p fiscal cliff talks -- talk in the fiscal cliff talks because they were focusing on the other issues. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> thank you. a bay area congressman checks out his new digs on the hill and shares his goals for the year. you will hear from him in about eight minutes. drivers in every part of san francisco will need to feed the meters at least for a few hours on sundays. this program is expected to bring in close to $2 million for the city. new at noon, ktvu's brian flores joins us live to explain why some people are strongly opposed to the policy. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: hey, tori. yeah, well, parking meters like this here along chestnut will be starting on sunday. there are several businesses who are against it. but there are some who are for it. only time will tell how businesses will be affected one way or another. whether bizs or commuters like it -- whether businesses or commuters like it, it's starting. you may have to fork over a few bucks where before you didn't have. >> the usage of meters on
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sunday, think it will hurt businesses. people are used to having that privilege to park and shop and do all of those kinds of things. >> reporter: this is not new for parts of the embarcadero or fisherman's war of who have this -- wharf who have this parking enforcement. this will increase the coffers but traffic is also expected to increase also. >> any of us who live in the city. if you go to the local hardware store, you can find a meter because of that turnover. try to do it at 11:00 on a sunday morning and you can't find a place to park. >> reporter: what's different about sunday, you can park up to four hours at a time. the enforcement will be from 4:00 to 6:00. some businesses say it will drive business away. some businesses welcome it. >> i don't think it will affect
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my business. i think this neighborhood, people can afford to pay the meter and go shopping. i think it possibly could increase sales because you won't have people parking there all day. >> reporter: i must say in talking with several businesses out here they say they are opposed to -- opposed to it because they don't have to pay. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. some san francisco cub customers are not happy. the bay citizen reviewed a year's worth of complaints found that customers made 1700 calls to the city's dedicated 311 complaint line in the year starting 2011. that's up 13% from the year before. some of the common complaints include speeding, smoking, using cell phones and right
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fusing to take credit cards. taxi drivers we spoke to this morning had their own complaints, they say there is a lack of oversight by the city. >> i've heard from many p who share my concern -- many who share my concern regarding the unfairness. >> the sand duskky case is back in the news. why the go of pennsylvania is suing the ncaa. and and receive paulson will be up with the forecast. ñsxóxgñ
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some lawmakers are furious with their colleagues for not following through on a schedule vote for relief for victims of hurricane sandy. the senate approved $60 billion in aid but some house republicans argue the package is excessive. in a statement today, chris christie said that sandy victims deserve better than the "selfishness and duplicity on display in congress last night." >> americans are tired of the palace intrigue political p
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partisan ship -- political party signship ." >> house leaders are set to meet with john boehner to demand a vote today before a new congress is sworn in. and brand-new congressman eric swawell is gearing up for his new job. he represents the 15th congress's district. he was alameda county's district attorney before he unseated pete stark in the november election. he says he can be impatient at times but knows how to harness that to get the job done. >> i'm gonna go back there and work in washington and do the same thing i did which is work with people from both sides of the aisles, republicans and democrats to solve the problems and move the ball forward. >> swalwell says over 150 supporters have made the trip from the bay area to attend his
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swearing in. also being sworn in tomorrow is democratic representative jarret huffman of marin county. huffman replaces lin woolsey who stepped down. the california highway patrol says it did not see much change in the number of people caught driving under the influence over the new year's holiday. the agency said it arrested 1,273 drivers on dui charges between friday and today. that's three more arrests during the same period last year. officers made 208 dui arrests last year and there was one fatal collision. one day after the program was launched in california, the chp issued its first-ever silver alert. already the man who had been missing has been found.
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82-year-old robert grappy who police say has shown signs of dementia was discovered by police in nevada county. investigators say he left his elk grove home mon without his medication. >> at that point we saw it reached the level of contacting chp to have a silver alert issued. >> silver alerts are not for every missing senior. the person must be in danger because of from age, physical or mental health -- or their age, physical or mental health. unlike an amber alert used for children. a silver alert will not put signs on state highways. new details are emerging about a lawsuit filed by pennsylvania's governor against the ncaa. the 43-page complaint filed this morning seeks to vacate the harsh penalties handed down to penn state university in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the sanctions include a $60 million fine and a four-year bowl ban. at a news conference this morning, he said the
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punishments were essentially a power play and they were unlawful and overreaching. >> these sanctions did not punish sandusky nor did they punish the others who have been criminally charged. rather, they push the past, the present and the future students, current and former student athletes, local businesses and the sit is -- and the citizens of pennsylvania. >> the ncaa said they were disappointed by the governor's actions calling it an affront to his victims. sanford fans are celebrating the cardinal first rosebowl victory since 1972. they pulled ahead over the badgers and wisconsin was not able to close the gap. fans say they couldn't think of the better way to start off the
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new year. we have developing news to report out of the santa cruz mountains where a rockslide is causing problems on highway 17. p newschopper2 was over the scene about 40 minutes ago on -- newschopper2 was over the scene about 40 minutes ago between redwood estates and summit road. one lane of the highway has been shut down after rocks tumbled on the road from the side. caltrans is there cleaning up the slide but they don't expect to reopen the lane until about:00 this afternoon. another winter spare the air alert has been called for today. it's the second one in as many days. the district issued the alert which bans the use of fireplaces, wood stoves and any other wood-burning device. first-time violaters would be able to take a class, second violations result in a $500 fine. the winter spare the air season runs from another 1st through
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february 28th. well, even with severe clear out there, i mean, we could see some clouds to the west. temperatures are struggling a little bit to the upper 40s or 50s unless you are down towards santa cruz, watsonville or monterey. but mor most, the upper 40s and 50s. you can see some of the higher clouds off to the west. no big deal. it's from an associated system that will fall apart. sunshine, cool but it's warmer. not much. tomorrow some of those higher clouds will spread in. cool to mild. the extended outlook is looking very quiet. by that 5, 7, 10, 15 days out. it looks like a drier pattern. it looks like it made sense. we're due usually in the winter time, we can get a two or three- week stretch. this system looks good, looks good. it's a tenuous rope and has a wall of high pressure to go through. can't do it. part will go north, part will go south. 40s and very low 50s here. the city is at 51.
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now, the city of oakland and parts of the coast kind of had a south wind. other locations are in the 20s this morning. they are really hard pressed to warm up. 47 antioch, fairfield, 48. some of the lows in morning, some of the coldest, boulder creek, santa cruz mountains was 5. sebastopol, 5. palo alto about 10 readings of 28 or 29. san jose, cambrian park and also saratoga/los gatos, 39. 46 in ukiah and sacramento rather chilly. sunshine today. that's the cloud cover. it wants to move but it can't move east. it's moving north. our cloud and rain forecast will show the system as it comes in and falls apart. it doesn't have anything going for it because the jet stream splits. when that happens, it leaves us high and dry. high pressure here, the storm
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track moves but not for us. a lighter breeze today. a tiny bit warmer. it's sunny out there. just kind of cool. i will tell you, it will drop fast tonight. clouds off to the west. but they are not going to make much of a difference if they drop in. 50s on the temperatures and some of these are a little bit lower. some near the bay. could be warmer. again, i think town towards santa cruz and monterey that would probably be the warmest. san jose, 57. temperatures in the mid-50s even on the peninsula. except woodside prob pably cooler -- woodside probably. no rain for a while. >> chilly but dry. >> cold in the morning. >> okay. >> no doubt. >> thank you. >> any time. just ahead -- another check at wall street now nat fiscal cliff is behind us -- is now -- at wall street now that the fiscal cliff is partially behind us.
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the fiscal cliff compromise even with all its chaos is enough to send stocks soaring. but for all of the euphoria many investors caution this won't last long. taking a like look at the big board, the dow is up 241. the nasdaq is up 78. s&p up 28. sheriff's officials have found the wreckance of a helicopter that went -- wreckage of a helicopter that went missing and say the female
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pilot is dead. the kern county sheriff says the helicopter was one of three conducting frost control on local fields. authorities have not released the victim's name. federal investigators say the delayed response by exxonmobil to a pipeline break between the yellowstone river made the spill far worse than it otherwise would have been. this happened july 1st, 2011. department of transportation investigators say the volume of the 1500-barrel spill could have been cut by about two- thirds if pipeline controllers in houston closed off the line as soon as problems emerged. instead crew drained from a severed 12-inch pipeline for 46 minutes before it was closed. we just received new information minutes ago about the size of the snowpack in the sierra nevada. this video shows an earlier survey by state water resource officials. right now a new survey conducted at phillips station. the numbers show there's four
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feet of snow and a water content of 12.1 inches. that's 101% of the historical average for january. water officials call this a good start. ken pritchett is at the snow survey site and will have a full report at 5:00 and 6:00. thank you for trusting ktvu ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us at 5:00. we are always here for you at
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